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Black Lab Wins Medal for Saving Soldiers

The PDSA Dickin Medal was recently presented to eight year old black Labrador, Sadie, a Royal Army Veterinary Corps (RAVC) arms and explosives search dog, for her gallant exploits in Afghanistan. In November 2005, Sadie located a booby-trap bomb concealed in a pressure cooker. The bomb was concealed behind a two-foot thick concrete blast wall within the United Nations compound in Kabul, Afghanistan. Rebels planted it under a pile of sand bags and planned to kill rescue workers minutes after a suicide bomb blast.

The "secondary" device was packed full with high explosives and attached to a remote-control detonation device. After the initial explosion, Sadie and handler Lance Corporal Karen Yardley, 26, were rushed in to search and secure the area. Sadie found the bomb then sat by it so that Karen could assess the situation. Her discovery saved possibly hundreds of soldiers and civilians from death and serious injury.