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Working Labradors

Working Labrador Retrievers, helping to serve, aid and protect!

Why the Labrador Retriever Makes Such a Great Service Dog

When you think of the Labrador Retriever you probably picture a happy-go-lucky dog with unlimited love to give. Labs are definitely one of the friendliest and most people-oriented dog breeds out there which makes them the perfect family pet. In addition to being a great choice for families, Labs are also excellent service dogs.

What do Service Dogs Do?

Labrador Retrievers Drafted as Military Working Dogs

Labrador retrievers are not only great family pets but are also well-loved as service dogs and military dogs. One of the admirable feats that Labs have accomplished is being in the forefront of many wars. Labradors that work with the armed forces are officially called “military working dogs” and were mainly counted in as members of Combat Tracker Teams (CTTs).

Reasons why a Labrador Retriever is the Best Therapy Dog and Friend

A Labrador retriever is a highly versatile breed which is considered one of the best canine breeds trained as a therapy dog. They are hard-working breeds with an extraordinary intelligence that makes them good candidates for training to become proficient in the demands of a therapy dog’s nature of work. A Lab is also known for its friendliness and sociability. Its sunny disposition makes it an excellent family dog.

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