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What is the Best Type of Collar for Labradors?

The Labrador Retriever is a wonderful, people-loving breed. These dogs don’t have an aggressive bone in their bodies and they have a love for life that is simply contagious. Although these dogs aren’t by any means dangerous or aggressive, they can be a little overenthusiastic at times which can sometimes make them a challenge to control. If you have a Labrador Retriever and you struggle to keep him under control during your walks, think about buying a new collar – here is an overview of the types of collars that are good for Labradors:

  • Leather Collar – If you’re looking for a durable everyday option for your Labrador, a leather collar may be a good choice. These collars are a little more heavy-duty than standard nylon and they have more aesthetic appeal as well. Look for a leather collar that is padded on the inside for your dog’s comfort and that comes with heavy-duty hardware for durability.
  • Prong Collar – This type of collar looks pretty intimidating because it is made up of metal links, each with several blunted prongs. The collar is designed to fit loosely around your dog’s neck but, when he pulls on the leash, it tightens and pinches him to provide correction. Most prong collars have a stop that prevents them from tightening too far and they generally cause the dog discomfort more than pain. A prong collar might be a good choice for training a Lab not to pull on the leash.
  • Head Halter – If you’re looking for a collar that will teach your dog not to pull on the leash but won’t cause him pain or discomfort, a head halter might work. This type of collar has a loop that goes around your dog’s nose and another around his head – it clips under the chin so if your dog starts to pull, it will turn his head, making it harder for him to move forward.
  • Chain Slip Collar – This collar is similar to the prong collar in that it tightens around your dog’s neck when he pulls. The difference is that a chain slip collar can tighten indefinitely but it does not have prongs. This type of collar is generally not recommended because if the dog pulls too hard it could tighten enough to hurt his neck.
  • Martingale Collar – A Martingale collar is one that gives you greater control over your dog without the dangerous choking effects of a chain slip collar. These collars tighten around the dog’s neck as he pulls, but only to a certain degree. The main purpose of this collar is to prevent the dog from slipping out of it, though it may be used for gentle correction as well.

The type of collar you choose for your Labrador will depend on a number of factors. For one thing, you need to think about the main purpose of the collar – do you want to give your dog more freedom or have more control? You should also make sure that the collar you buy is appropriate for your dog’s size and age. The best thing to do is take your dog to the pet store and try a few options to find one that fits well and gives you the degree of control you want.