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Zena Version 2.0

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A couple people have ask how Zena is doing. Well, she finally went for her grooming today and she looks like a new girl. One gromer told me they would have to shave her, but my friend Jeannie groomed her today and was able to brush all her matts out. She is shiney and clean, probably for the first time in her 17 years. Wish I had taken video if her getting blow-dried, it was like a hair tornado in the shop!

This is the day in February that she came home. It is hard to see, but her coat is full of tufts of dead hair and matts. Lots of flakes and dandruff too.

You would swear she had vision if you watched her. She is "looking" down at the water filling the tub.

The long process of getting the matts out.

More in next post........
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Blowing her dry but also blowing out the dead hair.

I am ready for my closeup Mr. DeMille. The queen is almost finished.

At home "stylin and profilin"

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Here is a quick video of her after her bath while she is being brushed out.

She looks great and happy. I'm glad they were able to get the matts out without shaving her.
She looks wonderful Joe. Glad you were able to groom her and not shave.
She looks great!
I love her big smile in the last pic. :)
Wow - she looks great! Look at that happy face. You can just see how good she feels!
Happy Zena!!!! I bet she feels 100% better and you can tell by her smile!!!
She sure looks like she feels good about being cleaned up. Her face in those last pictures is priceless!
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