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Thanks to everyone for continuing to think of my big yellow boy. We are still not out of the woods, but he is home. We picked him up Tuesday and his bloodwork that morning did not shown a big change after being weaned off the IV, so that was a good sign. His discharge instructions said that he was being sent home as test to see if he would eat at home since he had not eaten anything while in ICU. Frankly, we were afraid when we picked him up on Tuesday that we were bringing him home to spend a little time with us and then....

When Dr. Purnell brought him out to us, he was obviously weak, but he smiled and wagged his tail. After we talked with her, my husband took him out and he recognized his car and actually made a move to jump in when the tailgate was lifted. Of course, he was not allowed to jump. She wants him back in tomorrow morning for more bloodwork to check the protein and creatine levels in his kidneys. If we can make it through this crisis, he will have to be on a special diet, but she said to give him anything that might encourge eating for the short term. He ate some chicken and steak the first day home. Yesterday, the only thing that would tempt him were scrambled eggs and so far today he has eaten a little bit of steak. He turns his nose up at his kibble. When we got him home and I let Gus out of the house to see him, they both laid their ears back, got their hackles up and danced around each other acting silly. Of course, then they had to smell each other over. They always do this if one of them goes somewhere without the other.

At this point, he is not in apparent pain or any distress so we are trying to give him a chance to heal. Yesterday, we had him in the yard for a good while and if you saw him laying there, you would never know that he was not well. He had several neighbors visit him and many of them have been calling to check for updates. If his bloodwork tomorrow is not good, then we will have to regroup. I am not going to let him go into kidney failure so if the test show that he is headed there quickly, we will have to face the situation. I love him too much to let him suffer for my selfish desire to keep him with me.

Thanks again to all of you for your thoughts for Zeke and your words of support. Please continue to send healing thoughts.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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