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Additional Update: Well, it is worse than we thought. The problem appears to be his hips. Zeke was 7 in October so we have noticed that he seems a little stiff from time to time, especially after playing hard, but he has never given any indication of hip issues that would make us or the vet suspect anything bad. Also, the blood work showed some issues with his kidneys and his white count indicated some infection. Again, he has always been a big water drinker and my husband has also joked that Zeke was like an old man that never missed an opportunity to pee. The vet is not sure what might be going on with that. Because of that, they did not sedate him today.

He said that he would send him home with some pain medicine. He made a call to the ortho vet that we used for Gus, and he says that she is not convinced that he hasn't torn or pulled something since he hasn't been showing big issues with the hips. We have an appointment with her Tuesday morning and I have the x-rays on a disk as well as his blood work and his chart to take with me. She is with a speciality hospital and we will have a consult about the kidney issue as well. When he came back in after talking with her, he also brought an antibiotic along with the pain meds. He didn't say, but I really wonder if they didn't suggest putting him on that.

Again, I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your good thoughts for my boy. I am just trying to keep myself together and hoping that it is a tear or a pull and that the kidney issue is an infection that can be cleared up with an antibiotic.

Update: Thanks so much everybody. My boy needs the power of Just Labradors right now. He didn't sleep much last night and he was no better this morning. We were the first in to our vet this morning and he is there now for x-rays. Dr. Tim said that he could not feel anything on examination that would make him immediately suspect an ACL tear. He said he felt a questionable place there, but also had the same thought about his hip. He recommended an x-ray and a blood draw. I decided to have them clean his teeth while he was there since he would already be sedated. My husband took the day off and they are going to call no later than noon so that we can pick him up. I am going to meet him there so that we can both hear what he has to say. Please continue to keep my boy in your thoughts.

I went out of town to my daughter's yesterday and came back this morning around 11:30. The boys went through their usual goofy routine for someone who has been away and they were both fine. I dressed and went on to work and on my way home about 6:00 I got a call from my son. He had just come in from a meeting after work and Zeke was not putting any weight on his back right leg, was panting heavily and seemed to be in pain. He had been by the house around 3:00 before his meeting and said he seemed fine then. He had come by to let them out since he wasn't sure that I was back in town. When he got home after his meeting, both boys were at the door when he opened it (as usual) but Zeke was obviously not himself.

When I got in, he was on one of the dog beds in the den and didn't even attempt to get up. When he tries to walk he carries tha leg and he only touches his toe down. We helped him outside for a pee break, but that is all he would do. He has been drinking, but he did not want his supper. I honestly can't remember Zeke ever turning down food, so that has me really worried. Having gone through two (2) TPLO surgeries with Gus, I am fearing the worst.

I called our vet and we are taking him in tomorrow morning at 7:30. Any good thougts that you could spare would be appreciated.
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