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Update: I'm just now having a chance to log back on and update. The vet called a little after 5:00 p.m. and said that the ultrasound of his kidneys showed that he had a condition (I can't remember the name) that caused his kidneys to retain protein, but that would not be causing him to have a fever, etc. and he has probably had it a long time and we likely would never have known if he hadn't gotten sick. The levels on the bloodwork were up a little but not an alarming amount and they will repeat that in the morning. She was still waiting on another test that she wanted on his urine, but the lab couldn't run one of the tests she wanted because the leftover urine had not been kept sterile. Since he was dehydrated, she said they would not be able to get a sample from him today to run that test. She is having pain meds and antibiotics administered with his IV and said he is resting and seems to be comfortable. While she was talking with me the vet tech checked his temp and it was down to 101.7 so that is a good sign. She is also waiting on a test for leptospirosis and said that the antibiotic that she is giving would treat that if it turns out to be positive. He has been vaccinated for that, but there are so many strains and he was in the lake last weekend, so she wanted to check. They will call me in the morning with an update and we are planning to go over and visit him unless they think it would upset him too much to see us and not beng able to leave with us. I really want to see him, but I don't want to add any stress to his stay.

Thanks again to all of you for your support and good thoughts.

Well, we didn't have a really good night last night. Zeke could not get comfortable and he cried a good bit. I took his temp this morning and it was 103.7 the first time and 104 the second. I called my vets office and insisted that he call Carolina Veterinary Specialists and refer Zeke as an emergency since clearly we've got some kind of infection going on. I wanted the emergency referral so we could see one of the internal medicine vets instead of the ER vet.

She didn't see anything on exam that gave her any indication of what might be going on. She is going to run more bloodwork to compare yesterday's results to see if any of the levels that my vet was concerned about in the kidneys had increased. She did say that they were only slightly increased on yesterday's results and that she was not immediately alarmed by the readings. She was also going to call the lab and have them run an additional test on yesterday's urine sample. He still has not eaten although he was drinking through last night. This morning he only took a sip or two of water. She said he was dehydrated so he is going to also have an IV and she is going to get the ortho vet to consult about his leg/hip. I am waiting to hear from her and hope it will be soon.

I am still VERY worried about him, but I do at least feel like he is at a good hospital and I just hope that they can figure out what is wrong with him. This is the same speciality hospital where Gus had his TPLO so I am familiar with a lot of the staff and they are very caring.
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