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I walked in the house last night and knew right away someone had been sick. That unforgettable smell of diarrhea.. :vomit:
Zeus greeted me like normal but I knew as soon as I went toward the den it was him there were at least 5 large messes and a pee spot all at the bottom of the steps on the carpet of course. The house smelled horrid I opened a bunch of windows and lit a few candles to help. Smeagol was in his crate yet so I let them both out and cleaned up the worst of the mess. Aubrey needed to be fed so I let her eat then I cleaned up the rest of it. I bet it took me 30 minutes to get it all out :vomit: DH walked in and asked if I wanted to go out to eat because he didn't think he could eat with that smell in the house :laugh:
I had other plans for last night but I didn't get anything else done by the time the mess was cleaned up and we ate it was time to put Aubrey to bed and then go to bed myself.

He's acting normal and was none to happy that I wouldn't feed him last night. I gave him some rice this morning and will give him a little more tonight and see how he does. I also closed the gate to the den so hopefully if he gets sick today he'll do it on the linoleum ;)
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