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Hello everyone (and their sweet labradors)! I was anticipating the day I could join this forum, but my schedule with school and mothering (LOL) had me lagging. But, here we are!
My husband and I have our amazing 5 year old daughter and our (soon-2-b) 4 year old yellow lab, Jerzie. They are the loves of our lives! We have lived our entire lives in Michigan and really do love the beauty it treasures, but the economy and loooonnnggg winters we could live without!
Both of our girls are vivacious, loving, cuddly (Jerzie thinks she's a 10lb lap dog...LOL), and brilliant! We got extremely lucky with our Jerzie girl because she was well-mannered by 1 year (i.e. no more chewing on household objects-LOL, quiet barker (except when she's playing or alerting us), perfect with everyone and everything, and very obedient! We were told her miracle demeanor and patience stemmed from the fact that I was home every single day of her 1st year with us and she recieved constant training from me! Well, it sure did pay off and we love it!! This is my first dog (besides my parents English Springer Spaniel, Shelby- May she Rest in Peace) and I couldn't ask for a better breed. They are magical in every way! We will get a chocolate lab in another year when I'm finished with school and we can't wait :)
Well, there's my small introduction. I can't wait to see and hear all about your labrador children!
Amen to Labradors!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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