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Yeast infection in ear question THANK YOU!!!

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Had Doolie to the vet for his second set of shots yesterday, and the vet said that he has a yeast infection in one of his ears and gave me some antibiotic drops to use every day for the next few weeks.
Then said that I would need to flush his ears 2x per week for .........ever? using a 50% white vinegar to 50% alcohol solution.
I mentioned this to someone at work, and they told me that they had been told the same thing by one vet, but another vet said that doing that would dry out the ears too much.
Has anyone got any experience with this issue? ideas?
Thanks in advance for any help.
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Re: Yeast infection in ear question

Ear infections are common in labs. (For much information, do a search on "ear infection" and "purple stuff".) The meds the vet gave you should clear up the infection, and the flushing can be discontinued - maybe once a month. But inspect Doolie's ears often for smell and/or dark gunk, and observe if there is head shaking which indicates ear problems.
Re: Yeast infection in ear question

Try this site
Lots of good info
Re: Yeast infection in ear question

I just got finished mixing a batch of the purple stuff
Articles= ear wash

The Gentian violet solution ...order a 2fl oz size, you only need 16 drops. Cost 7.90$ from Eckerd.
The Boric Acid powder, i got the smallest size also 6 ounces for 6.42$ also from Eckerd.
Both had to be ordered from the pharmacy but came in the next evening.

I have a spray bottle of the witch hazel recipe for when/if anyone's ears red, inflamed or sore...
The other spray bottle has the rubbing alcohol recipe , for weekly washes.

As much as my 2 swim, I like to do a weekly rinse to prevent problems. You cant go wrong with this stuff...
My uncle's choc had been through so many anti biotic drops, allergists, etc and this stuff cleared him up within 3 days and he has not had another one.
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