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Yay for our new agility instructors!

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Jake started his third agility class (he's done beginner A & B, so this is intermediate A) Tuesday night.

WOW, these instructors are totally different than our first two classes. I loved that they actually used our dogs to show us how to do things. Jake kept popping off the contact on the dog walk, so Sue actually had him walk it with her, then showed me how to correct and then praise at the bottom.

She also helped me learn how to time my cues better, by using Jake and showing me how well he did when given the right commands at the right time. Good Jake! Bad Jess :-[ This is so much more helpful than me doing it wrong 52 times by myself - especially since I am a very visual learner.

Her husband who co-teaches also helped me with Jake's weave entrance and by the end of the night he found it every time :)

I feel like I learned more in that 60 minutes than in the whole beginner's series!! Now I just need to recruit someone to take pictures of us so we can share our progress.
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Jess, I was just thinking the other day about Jake's agility classes. I'm glad you're still going strong. I think an instructor can make a huge difference, especially if you find one (or two) that match your learning style.
That's great! You also might find it helpful to have someone videotape a couple of your runs. You will be able to "see" all the things your instructor has been telling you (late cues, body cues, etc).

I sit thru my daughter's agility class and hear the instructor repeat the same thing to the same person all the time. She says "you are giving your commands too late". The person says "I'm trying to give them earlier" but it still isn't early enough. Finally last week she brought a friend who videotaped her. Now I think she'll finally get it because she will be able to see it and how it impacts the dog.
A video would be great, I have the camera just not the operator, maybe I can con my classmates (there are only four of us) into taking turns video taping one another and then watching that same night.

Although I am guessing after I watch it I'll never want to see myself doing agility again ;D (I think I run funny!)

The other good news is that these are the only instructors we'll have as long as we're at the club now, they do both intermediate and both advanced classes too! They compete with two aussies, and are working on a 2 year old golden who they also show in conformation classes.
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