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Ok, sorry, but just excited and wanted people to see and it doesn't look like anyone is on the hunting/tests board much......

WOOHOO! Our first attempt at Seniors this past weekend. We got two passes! HALFWAY there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a LONG weekend. the water test on Sunday didn't end until almost DARK. Thank goodness I ran earlier and didn't have to deal with that light.

Sam did well on all of it. Didn't show a sign of breaking on the honor ( a walkup flyer) Blinds were very good. I did get a warning from a judge for trying to put my leash on right after he was released from the honor. I thought you were SUPPOSED to, judge says no, you have to walk away and behind the judges before you put it on. Somehow I'd missed learning that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to the judge for warning me!!!!!!!!!!!

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