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I'm filling out a form to ask for tuition reimbursement. Here's the rough info...

Name & Description of Course
Introduction to Financial Accounting (3 units; U; FEE)

Introduction to accounting and financial reporting concepts for business students. Emphasizes use of financial statements by non-accountants. Basics of accounting and reporting methods.

$1029.73 Cost

My current position description... the parts that relate to the course.
A.4. Verify receipt of ordered supplies; equipment, and services. Follow-up with vendor, accounting and purchasing to correct any problems if found.
A.5. Record encumbrances/expenditures charged against the office budget. Prepare expenditure log for review with the Unit Business Representative as needed.
A.7. Process requisitions and other appropriate forms to order supplies, equipment, services and employee reimbursement for the office

C.5. Verify accuracy of budget related data in WISDM (Wisconsin Data Mart for PeopleSoft Financials).

This is the next position in the category I'm currently employed... just the next level up and the part of that description that relates to budget
Program Assistant Supervisor/Confidential Advanced

Compile data for annual budget preparation and perform budget control functions

And here are the actual guidelines
Tuition Reimbursement Guidelines:

Reimbursements are available for job-related and for career-related courses:
Job-related - Credit and noncredit, undergraduate or graduate level non credit or training that is required by the University, or by law or regulations, to maintain salary, status or current position (if the requirements serve a business purpose of the University), or taken to maintain or improve skills required in the employee’s present work.

Career-related - Undergraduate and graduate level courses and professional development courses which will qualify an employee for advancement. Courses for personal enrichment do not qualify.
Examples of courses which are deemed of benefit to the University and to the employee may include:
Courses which provide knowledge and skills directly related to maintaining or improving current job skills;

Courses mandated by law or regulation in order for the employee to retain the job;

Courses directly related to the profession in which the employee is currently working, current classification or classification series;

Courses which provide for career development within the University including those which are a necessary elective for
completion of such degree.


Now... obviously I've been doing this job for many years and don't "need" this course to perform my job duties... but I want to make the case that it would be related to my current duties, and helpful if I were to go for a promotion into the next job up from my current one. (this would involve switching departments) I am also taking these courses so that one day I could qualify for positions such as Accountant, Financial Program Specialist... etc. which require a certain # of credits in accounting courses.

I'm just not sure how to write that and make it sound professional and worth their while to give me money to take the course. Any help you could give would be appreciated... these are the questions in the form that I'm trying to answer...

How does the proposed course of study relate to the employe's current job assignment/position duties?
How will the course-provided knowledge/techniques improve employe's performance and usefulness?

I thought about just inserting the info I have above and then give a short narrative.

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Do you still need help w/this??

Just saw it now. Wasn't online yestiddy or would have offered then.

Help's here if you still need it...........

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Ok. No prob. Best of luck w/it!!

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Missed this earlier, but I'm sure what you wrote will be more than sufficient.

Good luck with the class. I'm struggling with the exact same course for my MBA right now (I'm doing a part-time professional program). I've never taken an accounting class in my life and I have to say it's not my favorite - no offense to those who enjoy it, but it's not my thing. Useful, yes. Fun? Not so much.
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