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Wow this hit home.

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I worked today and a meeting was called. It started off the good news is Everyone in this room still has a job,but. For most it will come at 4.00 dollars an hour less. I am a Nurse so it effects me very little. I'm lucky enough to have a position that is being kept as is. However my staff is being hit hard to the point, it will not make sense for most to stay:( There are bills planned out by that money, and these people count on that money, it makes me sick. Across the door to the facility announces that the company is Fortune 500, and did very well last year. Also the 401k will not be matched by the company.
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That is sad. I'm glad your job is ok, but I know how it feels to watch others around you go throught that.
I'm grateful that mine job stays the same. Looking around that room, was horrid, and gut wrenching. We are a small building and watching the faces of people, you know give up a lot to work the shifts that get the incentive. Our administrator said "we will get through this together" and we are lucky to have a job at all. That did nothing to make me feel better.
It was stories like yours that convinced me it was time to leave the workforce and retire. Fortunately, I can afford to. Especially since DW has decided to keep working to support us.

Hopefully the salary they are not paying me will save someone else's job.
That's so sad. :( This economy has to make a turn-around sometime.
Wow, that's a huge chunk to lose out of your paycheck. Man. :(
Our company also stopped matching 401K last March, but it was temporary. They started matching again January 1st. Is yours temporary?
I think it's temporary, regarding the 401K match. I do not see the 4 dollar and hour incentive ever coming back, if they can get away with leaving it gone they will. So far my staff have the dates of when it ends for them and are planning on looking for new jobs. However if management listens to the grumblings it may be difficult to cut.
as a nurse in NW ohio we were all taken from full time to part time status ..........that meant a loss of at least 8 hours a week and no more benefits .......no insurance, no vacation pay, no holiday pay, etc ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,was enough for me to quit and move to a different part of the state........................
they suspended our 401k match last year.
last week they let 7 admin's go...we've gone from 158 recruiters to 87.
fortunately, the department i work in (psyche) is doing well. radiology and anesthesiology are way way off course and used to be our biggest money makers. lost a lot of people due to the drop in #'s.
first year EVER that people did not see raises.
of course, we were also bought out by a corporation last year and were previously privately owned. lots of changes.
I understand completely. Two years of furlough days. Two years of no raises, no bonus. Two years of 7% pay cuts. And in those two years the price of everything keeps going up.

I am thankful to still have my job, but honestly the morale of everyone has gone out the toilet. The corporate folks have made it pretty clear we peons are... peons.

It's sad. I wish I could retire, but I'm not quite there yet.
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