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Last year we paid $252/month under a budget plan. With 4 months left, we got a letter suggesting we up that to $360/month to enable us to break even, due to excessive cost increases. A very unexpected and hardship increase.

This year, based on the same plan, the amount was going up to $407/month. After signing up for a lock-in, it reduced to $350/month. Which we were happy about(!). After renegotiating our lock-in due to large fluctuations, we were to pay $312/month, which I have been doing since the fall.

We just got a letter that for the remaining 4 months, we should DECREASE our payments to $200/month to break even with the company come May/June. $200 a month! Unheard of! Whoop-dee-doooooooooooo!!! I am giddy!
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