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I buy Innova Evo for the dogs - almost $60 for 28 lbs, lasts about a month. I buy it at 2 different stores, depending on what I'm doing - the closest store is 1 hr away. The PetSmart offers a "buy 12 get 1 free" deal. They put a little sticker on a card and when you get 12, you get a free bag of food. The catch is , it has to be within 1 year. Since I don't buy at that store all the time, I had only bought 8 bags of food when my year was up. I mentioned to the cashier that it was hard for me to buy 12 bags in a year, and he said "no problem", and made me a new card, put new stickers on it and redated it! Who says there's no good service these days:) So today, I realized that they were putting the last sticker on my card. I said "hey - can I get a free bag of food now?" and the cashier said, "today or the next time you come it" "I'll take it today please!" Who knows when I would get back, or when they might decide to end the program? So I'm sittin happy with TWO bags of dog food!:D
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