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will be arriving on Thursday!

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Uncle Sam forked over my Federal Tax Return last week, so mom & I went shopping for two (2) new appliances for my house. I got a new dryer & a new refrigerator. Both were at least 15+ years old & I figured I was rolling the dice with them each day.

My parents gave me money for my birthday & Christmas to put towards them. What they gave me covered all but the tax on my dryer.

With taxes & delivery, I got both for just shy of $1,600 . The dryer is a General Electric & is pretty basic, nothing super fancy. That is good, since I only use it in the winter. Summer time I hang laundry out as much as weather permits.

The refrigerator on the other hand, also General Electric, is stainless steel, side-by-side, with ice & water dispenser in the freezer door. I would have loved a Viking or Kitchen Aid, I am limited to the size & GE is one of the few manufacturers who made one with dimensions that would fit.
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