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Why is Boo so bloated and listless?

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Last night, I made the girls their supper and was getting ready to make ours when I noticed Boo was dancing around her bowl. She would go up and sniff it, kind of lick at it but walk away all the while wagging her tail. She went over and got a good long drink and back over to her bowl and started the whole thing all over again. I called her over and was getting ready to pet her when I noticed her sides were bulging out and her tummy was twice the size it should be. :eek: I called my DH over and he looked at her and said lets take her to the vet. Called our vet, they were closed. Didn't want to take her to the emergency room as it's about 25 minutes away and you never know the vet you will have. So I called my MIL's vet and they said to bring her right over. Not a problem since they were only 7 minutes away. We walk in, they took her back into the examining room and the Dr. checked her over. Did she get into the garbage??? Nope. Our trash can in the house is in the pantry. No garbage out back. Nothing setting out in the house. Could someone have fed her something over the fence? We doubted it. We were really panicked. Well, he took her back and took an x-ray and upon examination of it there was nothing remarkable other than her tummy was extremely full.

DH and I couldn't figure it out, she didn't eat her supper. How could her tummy be full? ??? I just opened the new bag of dog food that morning...!!!!!!!! OH NO!!! DOG FOOD!!! IN THE BAG!!! I should have known better. Mystery solved. She had helped herself to the dog food bag and ate probably 5-6 cups while I was doing housework and talking to my hubby. NO WONDER SHE WAS BLOATED AND HALF-ASSED sick to her stomach! ::) She puked and yep...it was dry dog food. Then out to the back yard where she immediately decided to poop a pile that would make a horse proud. And that was just the beginning. She pooped 3 more times last night before we went to bed and got DH up to go at 3 in the morning. When I went out to clean up the yard today, there was so much poop I thought a dinosaur had been in our yard. Ohhhhh pooooor Booooo. NOT! DH & I felt so darn stupid, we know better and $87 later have learned our lesson. Think Boo learned hers? I doubt it and sure don't want to find out. ::)

Labs...ya gotta love em. ;)
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I am glad things "worked themselves out". Oh, my, glad Boo is going to be just fine and it is nothing serious. What a scare for you.
What a piggy, piggy girl. She thought it was buffet night....
oh, thank goodness she is okay. what a little piggy.
Thank goodness she is okay!! They are little sneaks.
I'm glad it was just food what a scare.
We have been there twice with Zoey minus the vet. Zoey was caught in the act. I have had to go as far as pouring pepto bismuth down her throat. Getting that off the wall is fun! She also had poops that would make a horse proud. I have been very lucky as much as I watch her she still gets into stuff.
A rare oinkerlab. Glad it wasn't anything serious. My first thought was bloat.

Hope everything is back to normal.
I'm glad it was only due to dog food, seeing the word "bloat" in your title scared the daylights out of me. Hope she's okay now.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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