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Why are some of you not posting on the new forum?

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the only way daniel will know for sure if it is gonna crash the way this one does is if enough people are posting there.......just saying.....
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I'm bad, I'll admit it. I registered but haven't posted yet. Sorry. :(
Hmmm. Well, I 'thought' the idea was to see how many would register, then on the 19th he's supposed to have a poll to determine what the concensus is on the new forum. I didn't think the purpose right now was to see if it would crash....perhaps I misunderstood.


I have not communicated with Daniel, but this is what I think is going to happen. He will conduct his poll and unless there is overwelming objection for the new forum, it will happen. This forum has been going down way too often, and for lengthy periods. Is it the server, the forum software, or something else. I don't think he really knows. One way to get to the answer is to change one thing at a time. I believe he chose the software first. I suspect he has reason to suspect it. He has put effort into setting the new forum up, so it isn't like he is trying to take the easy way out. It may be cheaper than a dedicated server. I don't know. But trying it, finding the holes, is about the only way it isn't going to happen. At least that is my opinion. Personally, I don't know that there is another way.
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I am posting on both forums.
cheers Sarah
I just registered. Is this place in transition? How do I get to the new place. Just brought a new pup home on Saturday. Was looking to get some suggestions/advice?!?

this is where daniel mentioned last week he wanted us to test it to see if it crashes.

pj...check the above thread and you will find the link to the new beta forum and welcome aboard!
if I could post I would post but I can't

I can't log back in even
Conrad, you have to re-register - the membership hasn't been transferred over.
I did re-register
(as brody cause I forgot my name here - HAHAHA)
I just got home and haven't figured out what the deal is with the new forum and its address. Heck, I finally got the address to this one memorized...and finally forgot the address to the old one. LOL ;)

So, is this forum changing sites again?
conrad said:
if I could post I would post but I can't

I can't log back in even
I had trouble logging in too, I had to have my password reset. Now it works fine. I never did figure out what was wrong. But I don't care, cause it works now. Try having your password reset.
I finally found the time and some energy to register! I am registered as fannyandeddiesmom.

It took me awhile to register because I had to do it from work and they kept me busy for a few days! Cheeck of them! I was sick for a few days and last but not least I don't have a computer at home right now because apparently I killed it.

Having killed one computer, I really didn't want to take on the responsibility of destroying an entire forum. According to the repair guy I may have that ability!

anyhoo, I have heeded the call and now have to update my profile.......
conrad said
if I could post I would post but I can't I can't log back in even
I had similar problems. It wouldn't accept my username or my e-mail address so --- I e-mailed Daniel with what I wanted to use for both and he registered me.

Suggest you do the same.

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it worked for a day or two then kaput ...

when he sets it up I will do so on dial up all this stuff takes ages and is a complete pita

I think it's very funny I thought I was somebody else here ;)
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