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White Labs...

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Please forgive the ignorance of this question, but I know absolutely nothing about dog breeding, and have always been curious about this...

I have on occasion seen Labs that were either white or so light yellow, that they appeared white. Personally I have always thought that they were beautiful dogs and would love to have one. But it's my understanding that this is undesirable for some reason and have even heard stories of breeders putting puppies down for being white.

Why on earth would people not want this? They're simply gorgeous dogs and there's no way you'll convince me that the color of a dog's coat is in any way detrimental to the breed. Certainly not more that inbreeding them to the point where hip problems are a way of life...

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They still put down the ridgebacks that are born without a ridge a lot of the time. :(

Which is so backwards to me, because the ridge is caused by a (very mild) form of spina bifida, so essentially they're "culling" the healthier dogs. :rolleyes:

But I digress... I really like the white color, as then it wouldn't be as obvious when they start to age. Not that I don't think gray faces are adorable, but I'll probably cry when I first notice gray on either of my guys. :(

Not that that's a reason to pick a dog, LOL!
I have several Ridgeback breeder friends and I can say that the ridgeless puppies can still exhibit a dermoid sinus, also that they rarely cull any puppies anylonger, but puppies born with dermoid sinus are routinely euthanized, ridge or no ridge.
I think it's common practice (culling ridgeless puppies) still in the UK more than here in NA. I watched a documentary where a ridgeback breeder was lamenting the fact that vets kept giving her heck for wanting to euthanize her (perfectly healthy) ridgeless puppies. Her attitude was "How dare they tell me not to cull the ridgeless ones! What's a ridgeback without the ridge?" :(
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