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I've read that it is cruel to keep a puppy confined in a crate for more than 2 hours while crate training, and 4 hours total once the pup has been trained.

My question is, where should I keep the puppy at night while I'm sleeping? I've never kept a dog before, but from what I hear they are peeing and pooping machines when they're pups. :D

The pup isn't scheduled to come home for another month. I've set aside a place in our kitchen that the puppy will be able to hang out for the most part, when he/she is not in the crate, or around and about the house, or in the backyard. It will be fenced in with a space of about 35 sq ft.

So I'm basically planning on keeping the puppy in the coral area when I'm not sure if there is a chance he/she could use the bathroom. The pup will be in the crate when he/she can't be monitored. So where should the dog be kept while I'm sleeping? I had thought that keeping the dog in the crate, inside my room would be best, but now I'm having my doubts. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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