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When God Made Labs

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When God made Labs he gave them a fabulous temperament, incredible good looks, wisdom beyond their years and a generous dose of humor.


He forgot to add good brakes. :)

Ha ha! Very funny Mom!
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LOL Yeah they don't have very good brakes, do they? Especially not on tile/wood floors! ;)
Great photos!!! (Cooper has brake failure often as well...unfortunately, it usually involves sliding into ME!!!)

OMG! Seriously, thats the best set of pictures Ive seen in a long time! LOL!
I've found a small note .. From god ...

Note to my self (god): Dont create Labradors on the first day ... (creating of the earth took 6 days) ;)
Hysterical sequence!
The look on his face is what makes the series so funny. I especially like the one where he seems to be laughing at himself.
I can attest to the break failure problems with this photo I took at the labfest: Bruno couldn't break fast enough.
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Good Lord! What did you take those pictures with? they are incredible!
Great photo sequence! Great photos! So funny and sooooo true! I see it all the time on hard floors and packed snow.
Thanks for the chuckle - great pics (and yeah - so true)
That is the funniest series of pictures I have seen! :laugh: :laugh:
That was funny ... the look on his face is priceless!
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:Great Pics and Great face on the baby i can attest to that my self with Lazy when she runs into the couch while running into the living room and I swear she does it on purpose in the hall way when we play ball she will start running full steam ahead and put on the breaks and slide half way down the hall.
Great pictures!!! He looks so big in that last pic!
These are absolutely priceless. Great camera skills, too.
Glad you all thought they were as funny as I did. I learned long ago with Huckle never to try and outrun a lab....cause you will have to stop eventually and their brakes will fail. I was flattened twice by Huckle before I learned my lesson.

LOL at the Bruno picture!

patm said:
Good Lord! What did you take those pictures with? they are incredible!
All credit for pictures goes to my Nikon D50 and the nice white snow.

blacklabelias said:
Great pictures!!! He looks so big in that last pic!
Sam...I think it is partly because his hackles are up...he gets so fired up playing with that ball.
Those were so funny. I love the look on his face. :happy:
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