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what is that thing on the dash?

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Is it the 'shag dash topper'? I looked at the accessory list and that's the only thing I could see that was like the car's toupee (or soul patch?)

Oooh, just found this:

From http://blogs.edmunds.com/strategies...he-cube-why-doesnt-my-dash-have-a-toupee.html

"Actually, you know what I've always thought cars needed? Toupees. That's right, a big fake glob of hair placed atop the dashboard. Maybe you've thought that cars needed a shag carpet toilet seat cover on the dashboard instead. Either way, our prayers have been answered thanks to the Cube's Shag Dash Topper. Seriously, what in the bleeping name of all-holy bleep is the purpose of this? I'm all for quirky, but this makes a Mini Cooper seem like a 14-hour road trip in a beige Camry spent listening to the unabridged biography of Franklin Pierce. "
Yeah that hairy thing:D
What on earth is it **for**???? Just decoration? Or to rest your eyeglasses on without scratching the lenses??

Padding? Warmth? Playtoy? Chinrest?
LOL a chin rest for a Lab!!:D

I have no clue that's what I want to know! Maybe it's like a pet rock sorta thing...stroke stroke...ahh I feel better.

..........are we still talking about a car?
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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