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What is sticking my foot?!?

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All day long... something irritating the ball of my foot. The way a paper cut feels. Damned annoying. When I got home and pulled off my tights I looked. Ah-HAH! A black lab hair. I *flicked* it off, only it didn't *flick* off. It was embedded! Had to get a needle and tweezers to get it out.

I love dog life. I really do. 8)
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I've gotten that a few times Nance!
And it's always Sammy hair!
Those evil blackies...I swear :p
Embedded dog hair ??? Now there's a joy of dog like I've never experienced, yet.
Had one in my foot the other day, first one since I lost Midnite in 2002, his hair is gettin' coarse cause he's growin' up. Well worth the hassle.
I told SU they stick in you just like a splinter. He thought I was nuts! Until I got the next one stuck in my foot. I hobbled over to show him and let him yank it out. Don't tell me my bidness again, lol.
Oh my gosh! :eek: IN your FOOT?

You must have super-soft feet. Or some really spiky Lab hair!
Is it just the black ones that do this? I can't imagine one of Angus' hairs getting stuck under the skin... ???
I wanna know why it's always the black hair!! Is there really a difference in coat texture? I never get Abby hair stuck like I do Molly's
Out of the three, Shadow is the only black. It's only been her hair that I've found so far.
Yes there is a difference in coat texture.
I've had it with my choc, Casey. It is a very strange thing!!
Ouch those hurt!!
yep, being impaled by lab hair hurts.
I've had yellow lab hair a few times. They're really hard to see too. I have no idea how they get in there like that, but given how much hair floats around my house I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. Not sure which of my two the hair is from. Finley has a much coarser coat than Kira so they're probably his.
Not had that happen yet, but Sam's yellow. I did however, have one of the floating hairs in my car drift into my eye while I was driving. NOT a good experience.

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