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Kelly was 13 almost 14 years old when we brought Dakota home. She's a bit aggressive, been that way since she turned 2. There was no way we were letting her near Dakota till he was a few weeks older.
Well..the day our backyard fence was finished..I'd had enough of keeping them separate, so I took a deep breath..calmed my fears..and let them both out in the backyard..keeping a close watch on Kelly's demeanor. She'd been around him for over a month..so..I kept my fingers crossed and my sneakers on..in case I had to run after her. Well, it went fine..pretty much..she did a bit of low growling..tried to get away from him..to no avail..and every day after that..he's been her tormentor..she still growls, does bitey face and even romps for a few seconds with him..so..it turned out well. We leave them together now at night in our bathroom, when we go out sometimes too. The only time we keep them apart is feeding time..she is very food possessive.
He drives her nuts..tho, always licking, biting, trying to get her to play. I can't wait to see what happens when his male hormones kick in..my poor Kelly. LOL
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