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What is dependent vs independent?

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Which dog makes better pet...males or females? This discussion comes up here every so often. Males are typically said to be more dependent/clingy and females are more independent. Sometimes people can be shocked/disappointed to find out just what "dependent" means. This means the dog follows you EVERYWHERE. I decided to post a picture of my "clingon" so you can have a visual of what owning a "dependent" dog entails.

This is Murray's preferred position every morning as I get ready for the day. Sometimes he snoozes while laying propped up like this since he knows I can't "escape" without him noticing (I've tried. ;) ). I don't see how this position can be comfortable but it seems to work for him.

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I have one of those two. He has started to make sure he is touching me so if I move he will know.

Cute picture.
LOL. Great picture. The only time Nellie is that clingy is when I'm cooking. ;D I've never owned a male so I'm not sure of the difference. Nellie will take all the love she can get. She always has to know where I am but does not necessarily stay in the same room. She will come check up on me occasionally.
omg ... LOL @ Murray... You know he is one of my favorites ;) and now i know why!!! He's a velcro'er!
Aidan is a lot like this. He wants to be with you..no matter what. Emma is more independent. Now whether it is a M/F issue, I dont know...but in this house it works out that way.
awwwww, look at murray!

theo is def my velcro boy. he always has to be touching me if we're stationary. and if not he's def usually within 2 feet of me. i love it. :D
We have a boy and 2 girls. When we had just the boy and the oldest girl, I would have sworn boys are dependent and girls are independent. Then came Grace. She threw that theory out. She is very dependent. I now just say it's a matter of personality.
My Lily is a velcro dog. My boy is very sweet, gentle and loving but never a pest about it. Lily would like me to believe she has to be attached to me.
She is very needy, but she also has an independence about her as well. Her dependence I think helps her keep focus on me when training though. She can be very attentive.
My male Maltese is also very to himself.
My Rocket squeezes himself right between my legs and the cabinet. He stand there until he's tired of standing, then he plops down, forcing me to step back a little.

I love your picture, though. Just love it!
Essy is more dependent than most females I have encountered. She follows me from room to room but rarely has to be touching me. It is pretty funny when she gets to me first and takes Murray's "spot". He gets very upset that she is in HIS spot. ;D I swear I see her grinning when she does it too. She's a brat.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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