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What Aidan thinks of his crate...

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labby said:
"Let me out screw!"

His dinner was being made and it's salmon night....he gets 1/2 can of salmon with his kibble..highlight of his life is FISH night lol.
;D How dare you lock him up on Salmon night.
lol just until our older dog eats...takes him forever and the younger ones have a tendency to steal his food :eek:
bwhaha i love how emma is in there too :p
lol @ attica rotf!!!
ROTFLMBO @ the "Attica, Attica!"

Susan... what do you expect when you put Pork Chop & Emma in the same small crate.

Even a bigger eww, his sister was touching him & oh *gasp* breathing on him.

That is too funny!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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