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What a morning at da park! Immoshunal Trawma!

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No pitchurs dis time, sorwwy!

Well, mommy tooked me to da park dis mornin so I culd burn off some energy. An dis time, she let me go inna crweek! Oh boy, dat waz fun! I got all wet an muddy! An it felt all nice an cool since it's warm here in Pee-yay today! But I digrwess.

Wate till you here dis!!!! Dere I waz, mindin' my own bizness, plwayin' ball-y wif mommy.... when da ball-y akkcidentally landed inna corn fiel. So, I mozied myself ober dere to find da bally-y.....an den all ob a sudden mommy sees me haulin' my butt bery fast outta dere.......followed by.......a wile turkey! It was chasin' me! Oh my goo-ness! I was skeered! Den it turned aroun an went back inna corn fiel. Mommy tole me dat maybe it waz a mommy turkey protektin her nest. But guess wot? I nebber drwopped da ball-y! Hahahaha! But now do you fink I will be scarred for life? I hope I don't start dreamin' ob big ole wile turkeys attackin' me. Geesh! I'm gonna go take a liddle nappy now.
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O Abby! Ware's da flashy box when ya reely need it?! :eek:

Dis is a mos' xcitin' story, girlfren! I gots a idee fer you when you take a nap, so maybe dere won't be no nite mares ob da wile turkey. Fink ob sumthin sweet while yer goin ta sleep, like lammies or bunnies or yer soff bed, or maybe some good dinner or sumthin. Maybe dat'll help.

Yore fren,
Oh Abby :eek: chased by a wild turkey, how SCARY!!! I really like Maggie's adbise here. Think ob somefin' sweet! I will try dat next time, so I don't get nightmares 'boat kittens. But hey Abby I proud ob you: YOU DIDN'T DROPPED DA BALL-Y!!! :D Glad you got wet ans muddy in da sunshine today!

Your fren Emma
oh ma gosh abby. wot a skeery story. fank goodness you didnts drop da balley. anna im wif maggie, fink of somefing good while you sleeps.
:eek: :eek: :eek:

How bery SKEERY to be chased by a turkey!!! Do you tink he was affer your ball-y?? Its a good ting dat you dint drop it. Was your momma skeered??

Whew...at least dat turkey went back to da corn feeld and ldint bodder you no more.

I hopes day you had sweet dweams wile you was nappin.
O Abby how skeery bein chased by a turkey :eek: :eek:

Buts yous gots too say dats woods havs been a goo pitcher ifs
your Mom hads da flashy box.

wots dids your Mom do? was she skeeryed too?

Whens daddy read dis he laughed ans said dats funny, ans I said
dad dats rude to laugh ats my fren Abby. how rude!

dids yous havs a nice liddle nap? weres yous finkin sweet fings?
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WOW Abby!!! That's a good story. lots of drama, a little mystery and happy ending 'casue you never dropped the ball so it never got lost! Wonder wher the turkey went? And if you'll see it again. Hope you had a good nap with very sweet dreams.

HB & Freedom
:eek: Abby! Dis is tr..tr...trawmatic! Hoo boy! Good ting you was hangin onto da ball-y! I bet he was affer da ball-y, too! An did yore mommy do dis? :eek:

'k, so was you tinkin sweet tawts afore you went to seep? Did you bern a labender cannel? Chek in, 'k?
Goodness grashoos, Abby, da wile turkey came after you!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: I'd be skeered too. But wot a good job you did by not dropin' da bally. ;D
Well, I made if frew da nite wifout any ill affeks! No nitemares or nuffin'! I guess da wile turkey diddent trawmatize me too much!

It got da adrennalin pumpin' in bofe me an mommy's harts but dat's 'bout it! An she toled me we may go back to da park agin dis mornin'! YAY! But dis time she's bringin' her good aimin' arm an won't frow da ball-y inna corn fiel.

Anywayz, mommy sayz da best way to come face to face wif a turkey is on a big plate wif mashed taters an cranberry sauce. Hahahahahahaha!
Oh Abby, we is releebed you dint suffers any moshunnill skars from dis trawmadic epsode!!!!! Did you goes bak to da park today? Was da turkey dere?

I tink yore mommy has da rite idee bowt da mash taters! ;)
An bwokly wif cheez!

Yore fren,
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