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Well, the day started out pretty good! I slept until 11:00AM even with the new puppy (who slept in until around 9AM before hubby took her out) when I got up we went out into the nearby field and romped around for awhile (hence the photo of Ginger I uploaded) and then we came back. The dogs laid around for awhile doing nothing.

We decided to go to Petsmart and finally got Joans a new collar and got the puppy one too! Got stalked by a man in Petsmart who kept telling us all the things we needed to get for a new puppy, as if we hadn't been through this all before, and acting like we were completely incapable. We also bought Joans a new pink leash to match her collar, no more rusty old nasty collar that came with her.

After that we came home, the dogs went into the kennel for about 30 minutes to a hour while we ran to taco bell (yum!) we came home, and loaded the dogs BACK in the car to go to a nearby trail. The puppy learned what walking on a leash meant and after some fighting, stopping, and whining got the idea and prodded along side daddy. We walked about 4-5 miles today, Joans decided to chase a few bunnies off leash (none of which she caught) and run around in the mud and wore herself out.

We came home, gave her a good brushing (she is shedding) and gave her a bath. Ginger got her first bath with us, after a good brushing, and now they are both wiped. We are going to take them over into the field again and let them romp one more time before we come in and settle down for a movie! :D
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