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What a Beautiful Sunrise!

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After only a few minutes hunting this morning, Cappy whined to be let out of the blind and I assumed he needed to relieve himself. Don't know what prompted him to do so but he walked down a few feet in front of the blind to the shoreline and just sat down there to watch from that vantage point.

Normally I'd never allow him to be out in the open where he can be seen and spook the birds away. But since it's his birthday, I let him do what he wanted. He sat there for 10 minutes or so, then he seemed satisfied and came back into the blind with me. Maybe he was reliving some of the past ten years worth of hunting experiences? If so, we've had days with more ducks .. but never a better day than today just being together.

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clanceycanuck said:
Jim that 2nd pic is just glorious.
Thank you. All the credit goes to Carol, the Kodak Z710 camera and the Kodak Easy Share software that makes editing such a pleasure to do so easily.

Carol took that 2nd pic from about 70 yards away from inside her blind. When she took it, Cappy saw the flash and turned to look at her ...

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Spectacular sunrise photo!
And I love the contemplating Cappy on the bank...
BEAUTIFUL!!! The original picture is gorgeous!!! You can see his reflection in the water!
Beautiful pics, what a happy, handsome boy he is!!! Happy Birthday Cappy!!!!
That first picture is absolutely stunning and the second one is great, too. Cappy was probably thinking about all of the great times that he's had with you! :happy:
What awesome pics!! Cappy you are such a cutie :-*
Wonderful pics! The pics of you and Cappy are frame worthy! What a great place to celebrate his birthday :happy:
As usual, your pictures are awesome! Thanks for posting for us.
What a great birthday Cappy had! Lovely indeed. Thanks for sharing.
What a majestic look.
Happy Birthday Cappy.
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