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Hi! I have an almost 3-year-old chocolate male english lab and am looking to get another lab. I want a female, black or chocolate. I was wondering if anyone had any breeder recommendations for the Western Pa/Pittsburgh area. I want an english, non-field lab as she is going to be a companion, and not entered into any shows or used for hunting. I didn't do the proper research with my boy's breeder and he ended up with idiopathic epilepsy, so I'm not going back there.

I have a few breeders in mind, so was wondering if anyones had any experiences with them? (I know, theres a lot. Labs are apparently very popular in my area)

Whiserpwind Labs
Bella Notte Labs
Berkley Creek Labs
Ruckus Family labs
Rebellion Labs
Valhalla Labradors
Great Lakes Labradors (the one in Ohio)
Big Spirit Labradors
Banes Puppy Love Kennels
Larke Lab Kennels
Sideling Hill Labradors
Del-Star Kennels/Lynn Risinger

There are also two breeders I found who produce charcoal labs, can charcoal be pure lab or are they normally crossed with Weimeraner? I do really like the look of charcoal, but I want a pure lab.

Silverfeather Labs
Back Country Silver Labs
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