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Lemol is not as brave and out going as his sister, plus her and Rowdy grew up together for a year and a half. But we're gaining. The kids came over for supper last night. I was tired and went to read up-stairs, but they called my cell phone from down-stairs and wanted me to take pictures. :wink:

As soon as I came down, Rowdy had to come see what I was doing, so what ever cute was going on, ended. :roll:

Decided to see what I could do, so I got some Milk Bones to see what I could do, ended up with a Lab tring to get in my pocket. :mrgreen:

Well Lexie knew what I wanted so she decided to help, :mrgreen: look at the fear in that dogs eyes, he knows he's in big trouble now, Lexie has the leash and he knows he's gonna have to obey:

Well she got him up on the couch, batteries died and I was changing them when she stood up, put her hand on his butt and told him to sit, which he did:

Well Lexie went back to Grandma and I gave Lemol a treat and told him to give it to the puppy, Rowdy sniffed but did not steal it, did not want another correction by Lexie I guess:

Well still not totally sure about the "puppy" he got on Mom's lap just in case:

He then got down, and decided to pet the puppy:

Both ened up on the floor by me, rowdy went wheels up for belly scratching, I kept track of his legs and feet so he didn't accidently hit lemol because he was almost running in place he liked it so much. The camera was passed to Grandma who took a couple lousy pictures of her finger. :shock: Then there was an explosion (sneeze) showering dog slobber all over, Lemol decided to exit after that:

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