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You were doing good, you had a record of 4 days of no poopings in the house.

You drug me outside five times today and finally pooped an icky diarrhea in the yard that seemed to go on forever. I was so happy you got your special poopies treat.

Then I got home from the vet with Lucky and you pooped more icky diarrhea all over the living room!

Good try though boy! Good try!

Now a serious question:
He gets diarrhea when he starts getting stressed out over his now being allowed to potty in the house....seriously! I thought we had gotten over it this time and his new food has helped him 'firm' up quite a bit and helped his itchiness.
When he's got diarrhea from stressing out, should I feed him some rice and restrict his intake for a bit or just feed him like normal?
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