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Weight - too low?

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Weight - too low? (Pics Added 1st Post)

CoCo, who is 3 years old, was experiencing some stiffness and soreness after some weekend-warrior type activities on our nearby trails. We took her to the vet, who put her on glucosamine supplements and told us to drop her weight.

In December she was around 28kgs (61lbs)... this past Saturday she was down to 24.8kgs (54.5 lbs). The vet wants to see her down another kg, to about 52lbs.

Does that seem low to you guys? I think she looks pretty good now. I'll have to post a pic, but she has definitely slimmed down, narrows at the waist. Anyone here have a healthy lab under 55lbs?

Edit to add pics (measured her, she is about 21.5"):

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She looks fine, but I would not want her any leaner than that if she were mine. I would personally ignore your vets advice to drop her weight further -- she will be too thin. Remember it only takes one illness or virus to take weight off so quickly.
Thanks everyone! When my hubby (a teacher) is off for the summer he also has her out for much longer walks, so she tends to slim down... if anything we'll likely have to up her food intake for the summer to keep her from slimming down too much.

Sandy - apparently her brudda is on the thin side too, I don't know WHERE my children get it, certainly not from me! ;)
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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