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Sorry guys...if you don't want to read these you don't have to, but I'd like to feel accountable to someone...don't you feel feel special? :embarrass:

OK Week 2:

I ate a little more this week...plus I went to a wine tasting on Saturday (wines from Portugal - not gonna miss that one!) so while I'm not thrilled...I'm still on track. I think. Anyways...

Another pound lost. :D

4 days cardio
4 days abs
3 days weight training
2 days shoveling. :(

Cardio was tougher this week than last week. I've been walking on inclines and could not do the #8 incline at all this week. So I opted for longer cardio workouts at a lower incline.

Upped the number of reps on my abs now that they have regained some muscle memory and added triceps to my upper body workout.

AND....I've been making a list of the songs on my Dance Shuffle on the Ipod when they come up that have the perfect beat to the speed on walking on the treadmill...I should have a full playlist by the end of the week. ;)

Thanks for reading this if you are.
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