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Temps here jumped yesterday from a more usual 20 F/ -7 C to a summer-like 75 F/24 C but it came with a 25 mph/40 kmh wind gusting to 35 mph/ 56 kmh.

Chicago is known as the "Windy City" but Kansas has a reputation as a windy state; it takes its name from the Kansa Indians who lived here and in their language, Kansa means the people of the South wind. (But that in NO way protects us from Arctic blasts from the North; some sage remarked that the only thing protecting us from the weather of the Gulf or the Arctic was the broadside of a cow.)

It was so windy, the aluminum folding lawn chairs that most people carried blew away unless sat in -- or folded and placed flat on the ground.

During winter, largely coinciding with Central Standard Time, we meet at a fenced ballpark because it's not occupied by recreational ball players.

But when the day's attendance (9 dogs and their peeps got there), a bunch of Little League type players and their Dads were already practicing so we had to move to our Daylight Savings Time summer digs -- in the Big Shunga park, about 1/4 mile/ .4 km distant from the street.
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