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A dog park has opened near us -- called Reservoir Dogs (cute, huh?). I took the girls and Wes there yesterday. The weather was gorgeous.

Park was nice. I was very hesitant at first because the OFFICIAL RULES state that the dog must be registered online AND be spayed/neutered to enter. Wes is still intact from his long-ago show career. So we milled around a little until a guy from inside said to bring him in and at least give it a try. I figured that if there were a problem, I could always leash Wesley and bid a hasty retreat.

He had a ball! Lots of friendly dogs there, and the mommies and daddies were wonderfully attentive. A Pitty mix decided to mount a Huskie, but she took care of putting him in his place herself (even though the Pitty's mommy was right there in his face, insisting on good behavior!).

I'd definitely go back.......
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