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We didn't watch TV for 48 hours and were punished for it.

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Our TV was off from Sunday night until about 9:40 last night. We were going to watch Big Bang Theory before we went to bed.

The DVR was screwy - every time slot on every channel said 'No Info Available' on the guide, the Recorded TV menu was completely missing... Jason turned it off and on a couple times and finally just reset it. Everything came back after that.

Apparently when the power goes out, we need to reset our DVR. We deduced this because our power had gone out sometime early Monday morning and when we got our recorded programs back nothing had recorded since Sunday night - no Big Bang Theory, no How I Met Your Mother, no LOST!!!!!

I was looking forward to that Richard Lost episode all week!

Moral of the story: Maintain a steady relationship with your DVR, watch TV every day!
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I don't want to have to watch the shows online anyway when I have a 46" HDTV in my living room. I had planned to though - I didn't know BBT wasn't online!!

My luck, they won't do the last week's Lost at 8 next week either.
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