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Wasn't the Swine flu an issue years ago?

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I remember vaguely people being vaccinated for this flu years ago.....and then there were reports of reactions to the vaccine......It has been years but I think it may have been in the late 70's????
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I thought so.......Although we never heard of any swine flu cases, like today
Yeah, long time ago. There were some severe cases then, that I remember hearing of, but this is supposed to be a new strain.
A three way strain of swine, bird and human flu.
Seems like the media is going nuts with it this time around. Did they back then, too??

And I wonder if the ppl of Mexico are dying from it because their lungs are already weakened from so much pollution. Most of the cases have been in and around Mexico City- which is amazingly polluted.
At the hospital where I work, EVERYONE who comes into the ER with any flu symptoms is masked at the door. LOTS of people have been vacaying in Mexico.
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