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Vito is home

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Well thank goodness the op is over -I collected him at about 6.30 yesterday evening.My vet said it was the first cruciate that ever hobbled out of his door the first night!Poor hun cried when he saw me :-(
I thought we would get home and he might conk out, but it took him ages to get off to sleep.

I slept on the mattress next to him -he was uncomfortable most of the night, trying to change position but not being able to shift himself, so I didn't get too much sleep! A fair bit of moaning and grunting, it is like having a newborn, every sniff and you wake.

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Awww poor boy! :( Hoping for a speedy recovery for Vito.
So glad that he is home with you, I know how relieved you are. :) The first couple of days are difficult ~ then you get into a routine and the days fly by. Keep us posted on his progress!
I'm glad he's home good luck with a quick recovery.
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