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Back to class today for the monster, she's been off for about 2 months, honestly, because I didn't want to drive to classes in the snow ;) (which really didn't work out well, because I took on training a out of control dal)

We're taking a fun-damentals class, the same class I took with Ruby just a month or two ago. Virginia is only 6 months old, and Ruby is 4.

Ginny got a new nickname by our instructor. She called her the 'Little GinGin that could' and it stuck! As she was struggling to hold her sit for examination the whole class was choo chooing for her, it was hilarious! This is a class mostly of Goldens who are older as well.

Mostly our instructor is surprised at how much gumption the little thing has. She's really just so much fun, and I can tell she likes it when I push her to do things she's never tried before. Tonight was fun with articles. I can't wait to get all the pieces together with her. :D

P.S. Any ontarians going to Tillsonburg for the Purina's? I've got a bet going that I can make $200 that weekend :laugh: :laugh:
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