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Victorians - Hang on tomorrow...

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Dunno about anyone else in Vic, but I (And apparently many others across the state) got the following message sent via sms today:

"MSG from Vic Police: Extreme weather in Vic expected Mon night & Tues. High wind & fire risk. Listen to local ABC radio for emergency updates"

Here we go again....


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Good luck down there mate. It's not looking good for the next few days. That SMS system is going to be used every time you guys have an emergency like this so you might get a few more of them. :(

Just remember, if that fire comes your way, grab your valuables & get the hell out of there. It's not worth hanging around. They showed an elderly couple on the news the other night. The SES guys were trying to talk them into evacuating. They refused to leave their home & a couple of hours later they were dead. Nothing's worth that. :(

Oh yeah, make sure your insurance is up to date.
Isn't it storms this time though Pottsie? Not fires? It's the opposite of the extreme that you've been dealing with the past few weeks. Isn't it supposed to put out all the fires still happening down there?

Hold on tight Ben!

Cheers Mate!
God bless all of you down under, and may He keep you all safe.
Stay safe, good luck.
Take good care and be safe. We're thinking about all of you,
Stay safe!! We'll be thinking about you!
I retract my statement about thunderstorms. Hehe! I thought I heard it on the radio but I had the wrong location.

Hope you guys survived the heat down there today!

Sarah - You were partially right mate, we've had some rain down here. Not a real lot, but enough.
Its been a really windy and dusty day in my neck of the woods. A few fire alarms going off around the town, but nothing to be concerned about thankfully.


**** Ben - I wish and hope that you guys get some serious rain soon!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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