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Like the best consumer technology from the last decade. I didn't know I needed an electric bike until I got one. Sail down the bike lane contemplating the new freedoms I discovered.

Before buying a Nintendo Switch, I never thought that a candy-colored gaming console I could pop out of the dock and put in my backpack for a long trip would fill me with so much joy. Especially this e-bike VanMoof X3 has that feeling.slotxo

I live in Portland, Oregon, a land of spacious bike lanes and barefoot bikes. When I first moved here I ride my bike everywhere But that habit faded over the years. First, I bought a car for a weekend camping trip, which slowly turned into a weekday errand.

a few years later I was diagnosed with a chronic disease and suddenly found myself having a lot less confidence in what my body could do and where it would take me comfortably. over time My bike will only see a few seasons of riding on a beautiful day. When I sighed and thought I wished I could ride more bikes. It makes me feel good!
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