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Is it

(a) hiney
(b) heinie
(c) ______ (other)

for "toucas," that is.

This has always bothered me, and as a professional editor it bugs me to no end that I don't know the right answer. It's not in any of my dictionaries.
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Can you use it in a sentence first??

And BTW - T-U-C-H-U-S!
Hello! Everyone knows that it's hiney. :p

My work is done here. Back to the tax cave...
Merriam-Webster Online says it's "heinie:"

To me it is "hiney". Short for "behind".
To me, "heinie" is a sip of Heineken beer and I'm not sure I spelled the beer name correctly.

Oh... and is it a hiney or an hiney?
I've always spelled it "hiney". I remember in Kindergarten, one of my classmates names was Dave Hindman. We all called him HINEYman. ;D ;D ;D
an ass
dweck said:
Can you use it in a sentence first??
Put your hiney/heinie/other away, Dan; nobody wants to see it again.

And BTW - T-U-C-H-U-S!
D'oh! My Yiddish union card has been revoked! Farshemen!

I've also seen "tokhes."
its hiney where I come from, but why do you need to know?
Canula2000 said:
its hiney where I come from, but why do you need to know?
A profound inner urge.

Are you sure it's not haigni?
Wow -- I always go heinie, whether we're talking body parts or beers....
samson said:
Talk English already

WTF is hiney or woteva
Arse. ;)
WTF is hiney or woteva
Ummm...an arse I think, or maybe that should be "ass". :p
The back of your front; the vertical smile {/Hawkeye Pierce}
It begs the question, what publication are you editing that requires this knowledge? :D

I think it's "heiny."
isn't heinie short for heineken?

in google, type this...

So since I pronounce the "h" it would be "a heine/hiney" instead of "an heine/hiney?"
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