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Update at top - Urgent foster home needed

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Chancey will be going to his new foster home this weekend!!! :happy:

Thanks for the concern and good thoughts, I am so glad they found somewhere for him!

He only has till the end of this week!! :(

If anyone can help please let me know, he only has about 1-2 weeks left at his foster home!

E-mail I received from our rescue group....

"I refuse to believe that there is not a home for Chancey somewhere in this world. He has to go from his foster home, through no fault of his own. I have had him on our website for one year. He has been put out as a plea on yahoo groups twice. He is listed as "urgent" on our website for weeks. Other groups have cross-posted him for us. I don't know is left to do.

Chancey is a 8 year old black lab, 95 lbs, fully vetted. He was left to live in a back yard by some old man for 5 years. When Chancey got picked up by Animal Control when the gate was left open, the old man would not spend $20 to get his dog back, even when he was told by AC that the dog would be destroyed. The neighbourhood begged us to go get Chancey (as they had been walking him and taking him treats ever since the old man had thrown Chancey out to live in the back yard), so we went and rescued Chancey. He has now been in a foster home for a year, with no applications.

Chancey is a sweet dog, affectionate, intelligent, friendly. He is housetrained and non-destructive in the house when left alone. He can be quite a comedian, and loves his foster mom. Chancey is not good with other dogs, will torment cats, and doesn't like children. He is a great dog, and deserves a home. He is on our website.

If you can help Chancey, let me know.

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Re: Urgent foster home needed

Good luck and I hope he finds a home...he sounds like a really nice fellow who deserves a good life. I'm only sorry that I can't help..I have two dogs and a cat..
Re: Urgent foster home needed

I would love to help too, but I've got Cooper and two young kids. :(
Re: Urgent foster home needed

Most of us here have pup's and kids, or one or the other! Hope the sweet boy finds a new home- why does he have to be moved from his foster home if he is doing fine there. I'm just asking because I really don't know how fosters work, is there a time limit?
Re: Urgent foster home needed

Where is he located?
Re: Urgent foster home needed

London Ontario.

Why is he being kicked out of his foster home?
Re: Urgent foster home needed

He has been at his foster mom's for over a year without a single application for him. I guess the foster mom has some stuff happening in her home (maybe a new baby, not sure), but she is no longer able to keep him. I'm sure they didn't think he would be in foster care for so long and they have been trying for the past month or so to find him a new home, but like most people, other dogs and kids are big parts of their lives which makes it hard to find somewhere.

We are keeping our fingers crossed.
Re: Urgent foster home needed

bump, hoping someone that can help will see this
Re: Urgent foster home needed

It whould be cruell, for this Labrador who has come so far, to put a sleep .. For not even a reason. It is a shame, that the distance hold me back (i'am in the netherlands), otherwise i picked him up yesterday ...
Re: Urgent foster home needed

Oh no, hope someone sees this soon. :( Good thoughts for finding a new home sweet boy....
That is wonderful news! I hope Chancey gets an awesome life!
Great news!!
That is wonderful news!
Great news !! 8)

Realy, if she was nearby you realy could bring her over to me ;)

But maybe i missed that point on: "why". But over here in the netherlands they dont destruct dogs if they couldnt get a new home, they just stay put in the shelter :suspious:

And the older dogs, who has a change of 0% to get adopted by a new family, they go to a shelter where they could stay for the rest of there lifes (sponsored by serveral dog/cat food manuafactures) ...
Oh thank God. :pray: I feel so helpless in cases like this.
Glad he found a new foster home - good thoughts for his forever home.
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