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We had a pretty good dayat Columbia's agility trial. Remington did his tunnel thing again and we ran out of time in his Jumpers class. Then Ruger ran his jumpers and really had a beautiful run, but he knocked the last bar on the triple jump. Still, I was really pleased with his overall run, he got his weaves and he was upbeat and the longer we were on the course the faster he got! When we came off the course several people came up to us and commented on how good we looked!

In our Standard class in the afternoon I decided that if Remington did the tunnel thing again, (he goes in the tunnel and gets on his back and rolls and punches and kicks and has a grand ole time and never comes out of the tunnel!!!) I was simply going to say nothing and walk away from him. It worked! He got in the tunnel and started his upside down thing and I kept my mouth shut and walked out to the next jump. He must've wondered why it was so quiet... he poked his head out of the tunnel with the most bewildered look on his face, spied me away from him, and ran out of the tunnel to me. So maybe that is the solution, LOL!

No Q's for us today, but it's a continuing work in progress :)

Here's a couple of Ruger during his Jumpers run..

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