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Nathan's emphasis on context and generalizing is very important.

You might consider using a "NILILF" (Nothing in Life is Free) type of training at mealtimes. Very briefly, this involves that obeying a command earns a few more kibbles of food from your hand. You can Google the term for richer explanations and more suggestions on its use.

Also, are you giving a visual signal along with your verbal command? (E.g., pointing to the floor or ground when you say "Sit!") This usually speeds up training since most dogs follow visual cues better than auditory cues.

Also, are you using the dog's name first before giving the command, so it knows the next word will be a command, as in "Puff! SIT!"? And "Puff! COME!" "Puff! DOWN!"

Also, are you using a distinctive tone of voice -- different than your common speech -- as further indication to the dog that this is a command?

Finally, I highly recommend Jean Donaldson's book, "Culture Clash". This is about $10-12 + S&H from Amazon and it gives many training protocols for a variety of commands and activities. It's mainstream scientific psychology of learning principles.

Good luck.

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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