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Totally unreasonable behaviour

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I have been sitting at my computer for about half an hour with tears streaming down my face.

The reason is that my eldest son, Matthew (who is 25) his partner Catherine, their daughter Lily who will be 2 in May and new baby due this May are emigrating to Australia

My behaviour is unreasonable for several reasons

A. They are not going until 2010
B. I know they will have a much better life over there than here in the UK
C. It's not as if I will never see them again-yes it's the other side of the world but I travel 9 hours to go on holiday for 2 weeks to the Dominican Republic :whatever:

But.......... every time I think about it I get really emotional. I was bad enough when we took them to the airport 3 years ago when they went to Oz for a year- what the hell am I going to be like saying goodbye for "good" :(

I am very close to Matthew and Catherine, love them very much and I adore Lily she is my little princess.
I know it is for the best but it breaks my heart that I wont be able to see them any time I want and knowing that my Dad who is 72 will never see them again once they go.

Maybe I have just got PMT but there is just something niggling at me that they are planning to go much sooner-call it mother's intuition or whatever. I suppose Catherine won't be able to fly until after the new baby is born at the end of April but........

Sorry to be a whinger.
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Can understand your feeling that way - hug them close while you can - and it is far enough off that anything could change between now and then!
I'd be tempted to join them. If I had the opportunity to emigrate to Australia, I'd do it in a heartbeat. The standard of living over there is so much better than here.
i couldnt do it to my mum
You need to get webcams and set some rules for phonecalls and visits.. get a plan.. love them much.. and cry like a baby when they leave.
I agree with what Kelli said. And it's not goodbye forever when you can come here to visit them....

We are lucky that the world today is so advanced that you have all these things at your fingertips to communicate with loved ones overseas. My OH's sister has been in the UK for almost 5 years. She was going for a 2 year working/travelling thing that alot of Aussie kids do and still hasn't returned. :D :whatever: Every year she tells her parents "i'm coming home at the end of this year" etc etc... and every year she defers for another year. She'll be back in Sydney for our wedding though in 2010 which is great news.
(((BIG HUGS))) That would be hard for any mom/grandmother. Technology is an awesome thing when loved ones are far away though.
You need to get webcams
That was my first thought, too. I'm curious, why Australia anyway?
((hugs)) and no I don't think it's unreasonable. Your just being a mom
Get some web cams and set up some phone rules.
It will be difficult for all of you, but remember it is only a phone call and a plane ticket away (a long flight, but still only a flight).

I know the other side very well. Our parents are living in Germany and we are in Canada. We talk on the phone every Saturday morning and try to catch up on things in our lives. We are also travelling every other year to visit our families and my mother comes currently every year and my husband's parents visit us every couple to every few years. This has allowed us to keep the contact.

Good thoughts for you, it will definitely take a little getting used to.
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