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I just got back from volunteering a while ago. I got there at 8am and left around 530pm. Wow! What an experience.

It was a spay/neuter clinic for cats between MSU's Vet Teaching Hospital and the Ingham County Animal Control for low-income families. It only cost $5 for a neuter and $10 for a spay.. free vaccines and Revolution. :eek: They had a few people working on spays and a few people working on neuters and a whole lot of people running around before, in between and after each of them.

I had to leave before they were done since the dogs hadn't been out since 7am, but it was awesome! I got to help clean, sterilize and package up the utensils, prep cats to be neutered, help with recovery and vaccines after spay/neuter, clean intubation tubes and fill syringes with the vaccines.

They are still going.. so its been 12 straight hours of spaying and neutering! I believe we had upwards of 250 cats that were done.. there's a statistic that says that each cat that you spay/neuter saves 10,000 kittens.. so what is that, 2,500,000 cats that we just prevented?? :eek:

Off to ice my knees! Ouch!
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