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Took only a couple of weeks this time

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Instead of years. My latest project.

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That's beautiful! Is it for someone special?
Betsy! i had no idea you had this particular hidden talent! it's gorgeous!
That is beautiful! I love the pattern...what is it called? Reminds me of a fisherman sweater I used to own and loved.
It does look your favorite cuddly sweater. Beautiful, Bets!
The 2nd picture...my Grandmother makes blankets of just that pattern (or whatever it's called). My favorite blanket ever!!!

Very nice.
Beautiful! I have to ask...knitted or crocheted? Love the color!!!
It's crochet.
Absolutely gorgeous! The detail is amazing.
That's beautiful.
that is beautiful, betsy!
those are my bedroom colors, but i would not put anything that pretty in with my crew!:rolleyes:
I want that! You really do gorgeous work, Betsy! Makes me want to start crocheting again.
I love it!

I am going to make a blanket this year, it is on my to do list. You've inspired me!!
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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